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According to the world bank website, the Plandemic lockdown was supposed to go until 2025. At that point, the vaxxes would be rolled out to the thunderous applause and relief of the whole world. They would get 90%+ inoculation. This would get world population down to their 500 million plus or minus. Trump said hold my beer, I will speed this shit up because he knew we would not Lockdown for long here in the USA and start wasting Plandemic Enforcers because no one was dying. Their trigger virus was a dud that had no legs out in the wild. Zion Don fucked their timeline and now they are trying to get their “Great Work” back on track with a new timeline. That’s why the SEC Clowns threw the Lawsuit at Garlinghouse and Larsen; not a Ripple Labs, just Garlinghouse and Larsen, because they need to sandbag for time. Now, I think it’s anyones game: NWO versus Constitutional Freedom Lovers and no one knows how the chips may fall. All I know is they are going slow and soft enough for us not to kill them in the streets but fast enough to wake up and piss off more and more people. There will be a collision of two forces at the end of October and first two days of November that changes the Planet forever. The Elites haven’t herded the worlds immigrants, criminals and scumbags into East and West Coast population centers for no reason. Why are they letting Abbott send his to NYC? The low hanging fruit is about to get picked. Learn to swim.

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1. Self-sustainable, defendable homestead in an isolated, scenic location. That’s it.

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We all have to start calling our politcians and explaining statistics to them, in light of them ignoring statistics we have to start threatening their families and friends with violence, because they are actively trying to genocide white people with this shit. I come to /biz/ so I can acoomulate resources so I can "escape", but what's the point of escaping when the world is fucked, stand and fight against demonic retardation and sin.

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I don't brother it's just a memeline. See pic related.

I know right, it's right in the open.
Check what this woman from the BiS says.
>It will be possible to pay with a chip in your hand 'haha'

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