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>Chainlink Campsite

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My friend just texted me bragging about paying off his mortgage

It was financed at 3%

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i would fire you but, at least you can gamble your last 10$ on some shitcoin like LINU waiting to 10x or gambling NFT in eesee

i'm sorry but your options are limited

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at this degenerative pace, biz is going to end up in superverse grinding shitty web3 games

ok mr goldstein

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he doesn't know

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Link is pumping and there are still GameStop and Bed Beth and Beyond generals on this board kek

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why would you want to go to that shithole? binance is broken, even after ETF approval they are getting blacked by the big ((bankers)) and they can't even cross-chain swap in rango without the IRS blasting their door open

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You voted for that disgusting European Union you got there, now lick the boots of the jooish bankers like the good Euro you are

Goyim must pay for the healthcare of turks and africans with his beoble crypto friends

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what the fuck chipotle is doing there? do i need to swap the new chipotlecoin on rango or something?

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Beoble and biz retards got fucked by the old jooish guard in SEC and now they are roping

>Losing their minds

Nigga, losing their money

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it's not gonna bull but i will cross-chain swap some in rango to short and fuck the niggers who actually holds this shitcoin

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I love this lil nigga like you wouldn’t believe..

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maybe some retard will fall for that

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thanks for playing

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I sold my og account for 1k like two years ago, and it wasnt even maxed. You're a faggot OP, you should've kept all of your passwords saved somewhere.

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>verification not required

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lmao at all the buttmad shitty poopoo curry stinking seething copers itt. Sorry bitch, this is a LINU board now, nobody’s buying your ultra low liquidity shitlana scamtoken rugpulls. This is the /biz/nessman’s token now, there’s NOTHING you can do stop what’s coming. Seethe harder, go outside and have a poop, pay the $12 gas and deal with it faggot.

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For all the retards who are buying:

Thanks for playing

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The general feeling between Beoble and Telegram is that it will dump down to 38k

Retards on Twitter keep fucking praying for a bullrun that will never happen

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You should have been on Telegram and Beoble and not listened to the fucking retarded ape niggers on Twitter

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Absolute biggest nothing burger to happen in nothing burger history. My sides when niggers btfo
>shiet gongo
>doin lil sum

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>another nft L

how do they keep doing that?

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That's what happens when you don't have a second option, I have 20+ options and meanwhile I farm in blocklords waiting for the token

>Tech wise
>Bitcoin is fucking garbage

The audacity

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>"what's the scam??"

they are shitting on your face fucking retard

people got scammed again by a delhi telegram scam group, if the people used more beoble there would be no way dirty poojet could access big chat group when they require a minimum amount of crypto sitting in your wallet

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