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>"our time will come"
>never came
Linktards thinks their shitcoin has more value than BTC or BRC20 tokens, go to satoshisync and get your reality check, faggots

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linkies can't stop taking the L

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Now this is proper schizo posting

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ohhh yess homie the intelligent fuud makes my soul cleaner. write some more

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Yesterday I was walking to a supermarket with my gf and a friend, and on the way we were making fun of cryptobros and how there's no use for blockchains (we're all working in tech).
In the parking lot I was explaining why there are miners, and how the blocks work etc etc, and there were some people coming out of the supermarket.
I swear to god I cannot forget that face. A short bald man in his 30s was looking me straight in the eye with pure dread. I'm 100% sure he drove home asap and exited all positions. I was his top signal.
>he doesn't realize that I'm a 4chan browsing NEET
>get sidelined nigga

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the least senile and the most young too in that clusterfuck
the feds only need to stop printing money to cuck for israel and we wouldn't have around 2% inflation annual rate (truflation source)


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i could get in the philippines all the yellow pussy i want and you can't do anything about it
i'm gonna enjoy getting my cock sucked while i'm playing blocklords and watching tradingview
see ya incels

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>boomers are buying Chainlink for 500% premium

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>Reddit opinion
Your brain is literally rotting inside your skull if you actually agree with something that this retards says
This faggot said BTC is Ponzi and he doesn't know that the entire US economy is a big Ponzi scheme, i mean, inflation is theft, according to Truflation the US inflation rate is 2.7% meaning that we are 2.7% poorer every year thanks to the Federal Reserve

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Bitcoin pumps back to ATH before the halving and every normiefaggot is celebrating, talking about how the real bull run hasn't even started yet and how they plan to dump on retail. The halving will be the biggest sell the news event in recent history and will be the classic bear trap before the crab before bull. You can either triple your holdings or you can baghold for the rest of the year. Your choice.

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won't happen cuz their lead dev is BALD and BALD people are BAD!

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What's that? Inflation rate in the US according to Truflation?

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Samefag ETH fudder is SOL shill
Can't make this shit up

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>day 3
>of 2847532 days
KEK, i wouldn't buy that even if beoble or twitter shilled me

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>yyeees yesss i will do AVAX soft shill and my boss mr rasheed will be very happy and give me money

You'll need to try harder, disgusting street-shitter

Nobody is falling for that scamcoin, not even retards on Beoble or Twitter, it's so over avaxbros

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thanks for playing, see you next month

i never swapped that scamcoin with my rango exchange

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What's the other option? Communism?
Fucking red retard at least we are free

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>goon /hitman

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we have a beoble group dedicated to laugh at spyrotards

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I'm just watching all LCX getting to zero while i'm laughing and playing Blocklords
You retards got played again

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>trading with US dollars

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