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That baby isn't anywhere near as happy to have the fat juicy tit milk as that man, also can women lactate at 18 without children?

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Imagine if you had bought boomer bitcoin last year instead of this rubbish. Just imagine.

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I work retail and wonder every hour how nice our society would be had we stayed on the gold standard and not fought ww1

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Prove me wrong.

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U wot m8?

Sticking to API3 when the mufucka launches.

DFD looks horrible btw.

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Cows are expensive anon, how much did you pay for them?

I'll give you 100 TOMO for one if you wanna get rid.

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this. i have lost all will to wagecuck and i am no longer active in my job. i am waiting for them to fire me and put me on unemployment. wfh has allowed me to keep the checks coming in. im so close i can taste it

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options and leverage have completely desensitized me from video games

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I've learned how petty people are. Extreme levels of pettiness and passive aggressive tactics. Work has genuinely cultivated a hatred for other humans in me, I hate it. I don't trust people anymore. People who used to be my friends don't even want to spend one day a year hanging out because they have a wife that wants 24/7 attention. Everyone at work is a fake friend, don't ever forget that. They will disassociate and throw you under the bus the second it becomes convenient.

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I sat in my cubicle for 10 hours and did literally nothing today. Was so bored that I read the 27 page FOMC meeting minutes for January.

How do I short my company if it's not publicly traded?

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Tomorrow will be very green or very red

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bullish until friday, then jobs report = another selloff

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Closing in on day 7 nofap, building confidence, making rough plans, trying to enjoy discipline, throwing myself at opportunities. I need more mental torturing and need to break the conditioning. I need to keep up the positive thoughts and stay on my vibe.
>I can feel it
>I can taste it
>My singularity is near
It's like an engine, in fact, that's exactly what it is. The engine. I had it around my child years, but then it coughed coughed coughed and gave in. For the past 5 or so years I've been fixing this engine. Every month or two I turn the key to the ignition.
>Rev up
Then it's back to the drawing board. I know I have it in me. I'm crying as I write this. I know I have it and I know I can do it. I know I can I know...

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I work at Amazon, net worth of about 500$. Where should I be putting my wage money towards. Make me rich in 2020 /biz/

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