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>be first world EuroChad
>Partying in some brown shithole for a few weeks
>Lodging, hookers, booze, everything dirt cheap
>Just got done doing some touristy stuff a couple kilometers outside the city
>Decide to catch a bus into the city center to drink alcohol and hunt sloots with my bros
>Arrive at the bus stop, see some glassy eyed third world wagie staring at the ground, obviously exhausted from his long day at work
>Ask him which bus line is the one that heads into the center
>Wagie mumbles something, shows his phone which displays an app filled with 3rd world scribbles
>Ask him if he can just give us the number of the line
>He mumbles something again as he shuffles into the first bus that arrives
>Raise my shoulders in a shrug to my mates as we watch the 3rd world wagie stare at us with that 1000 yard stare through the bus window
>Catch the next bus and fuck sloots, think nothing about the encounter afterwards
Peculiar fellows, those browns

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Now waves is also into NFTs .jpg when are this guys touching bottom? Living on deram overloading their already flawed coin with so many projects and it just keep dumping, guess they’re out of common sense

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No I am ryan reynolds

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>fucking kek
It's literally a shitty lazy edit of the original meme that was posted earlier in this thread. How is this "fucking kek" worthy? noLinkers really are niggers

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>gaining 20lbs of muscle is as easy as losing 20lbs of fat

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Fuck you newfag

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I had to look up what VTHO even is but I guess it's like the gas of VET? And yes the chart does look like VTHO is going to lose value against VET. Charting two shitcoins against eachother doesn't usually produce the most accurate predictions though, and TA is already very iffy.

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RLC pajeets are so desperate to be associated with Chainlink. It's pathetic.

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>Tokens are NOT going to Binance!
>They are actually being ACCUMULATED by a big wallet!
How is this FUD exactly?

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so what exactly do people without any LP shares plan on doing once staking is out? considering you need shares to stake and LP is so far the only company who's officially stated they'll offer public staking to plebs?

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If you include it in a huge hitpiece that you pass off as "dedicated research", then yes, copy and pasted 4chan pasta created for shits and giggles indeed becomes meritless.

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>SWIFT's gpi mentioned in same paragraph as XRP
>"These developments suggest"
Don't tell me you actually think this means the government will use XRP? And they say stinkies are deluded, wew. It just means that they observed and know of at least 2 potential ways to reduce overhead and reliance on estimates for interbank communications, one of which is directly related to LINK.

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It's one thing to fight some bottom feeding tier crypto-war with your competitor using dummy accounts with 0 posts and 2 followers, but things change when you lash out at a rising star like LINK. The team itself and institutional investors aside, who thought poking the hornet's nest that is the Chainlink community was a good idea? Turbo autists with nothing on their hands except a shit ton of LINK and a shit ton of time, who quite literally invented weaponized autism in the years before they found LINK. Bulgarian scammers really bit off more than they can chew on this one

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I never understood this meme. If LINK dumped into oblivion it would make sense. But LINK has been on a massive uptrend for 18 months now. What is the purpose?

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I'm a different anon. I hope you realize that lashing out at Linkies, arguably the biggest and richest subset of anons on this board, is not going to do much for Tellor.

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>Imagine actually believing this
Dumb happening coofers

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For at least 16 months now you reply the exact same thing whenever someone implies you and uncle are the same person. Even if you are not him, you are definitely autistic, deranged and obsessed. Why would you post
>kek, imagine thinking me and unc are the same person
EVERY TIME someone mentions you and uncle in the same sentence? Why would you keep yelling that into the wind? It's not going to change anything, just like your LINK fudding. You are literally the definition of insanity/maniac pasta personified.

>The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

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