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If God is real, do you think people who shamelessly shill shit like this go Hell?

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Boredom and it’s one of the only things that makes me happy. I hate myself and wish for world war 3 on the daily. I blame being raised by a fat single mom, but that’s just cope.

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I did a lot of Xanax for a couple years in college. It’s been a year since, but I have no motivation to anything and still feel brain fogged. Can I still make it?

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Realistically, how many years will these yield farming scams set crypto back as a whole? It is literally just hot potato but with money. We are already seeing the effects of their proliferation at this very moment.

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>Telling someone contemplating suicide to margin trade highly volatile crypto assets
You sick bastard

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Looking to spend a few ETH, let the shilling begin

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Wow! Another coin I’ve never heard of until a day ago, that’s getting constant threads with no substance, promising gratuitous wealth with pictures of scantily clad woman! This is definitely not a flavor of the month shitcoin being shilled by a discord PnD group! No sir! This is the real deal! At last, I have discovered my ticket to financial independence!

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>He told The Sun: "My £10million vanished in just 10 years and I don’t have a home or a car to call my own. But I’m not bitter. Easy come, easy go.”
>Carroll regularly works 12-hour shifts and credits the new job with with helping his weight drop from 22st to 17st.
>The position involves lifting eight-stone bags of coal, leaving him covered in soot, and chopping logs to burn in furnaces.
Is it just one big cope, or is ignorance truly bliss?

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>society’s response to wanting to do dumb shit as a kid
“Anon, you wouldn’t jump off a cliff if all your friends were doing it, right?”
>society’s response to not wanting to not slave away for most of your active life

Can someone explain this mentality to me?

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I unironically got kicked out of a direct admittance business program at a top school in the US, because the mandatory intro classes were full of gay team building exercises that were middle school summer camp tier, and other SJW shit. I lost all interest and felt so fucking angry that this is what my tuition was going to, and I just sort of stopped going to class. I got failed for a mandatory attendance policy even though I was doing the assignments. I regret it every day of my life.

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I probably have the brains for it, judging by the good grades I got in introductory weed out courses at a Uni with a top 5 CS program in the country. But I just don’t have the motivation for it. I’ve always seen coding as something you have to enjoy doing on your own time to really excel at it, and I just never had the drive to do that. I never have the drive to do anything, I fucking hate it.

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Why would you buy NuLink, when the project lead himself has said that it’s just a joke scam coin?

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How likely is a project exit scamming if they haven't uploaded anything for the last 9 months in Github, but are active at the marketing and PR side?

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Who is pumping stonks? Where is all this money coming from? Retail has no money. The 401K pyramid scheme can only pump it so high.

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