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quitting porn and cooming is life changing, man. there's some ups and downs along the way, but once you free yourself from the trap, you are truly supercharged compared to your current state.

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Burgers, did Biden mention anything about steel industry? I'm getting desperate here holding tranny bags.
Have a nice gif in return for this information

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People can have children, they can be the best parents in the planet, that does not guarantee that those children will grow up to reflect the values imposed on them by good people. I've seen plenty of good people raise total fucking shit heads already. Let these faggots have this rock and let's move on to greener pastures in the celestial/spiritual world.

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It's funny because you can go back millennia and humans were doing the same fucking thing. Everyone always think they're the epicenter of time itself; that the most important, most daunting, craziest end-times shit is going to happen while they're alive.

Spoiler: it never did with any of the billions of people back in ancient times, all the way to today, and end-times certainly won't happen while you're still alive. This virus will come and go, just like the rest of them did.

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With boomer stocks you can make about 7% a year if you put it into some fund, ETF or something. It's literally pointless unless you are in some third world country where a normal wage is $1 per day. How old are you? If you are young, you can take risks since when you get a job, you can easily earn that 1.4k back. That book is meant for people with minimum 100k portfolios at which point it still sucks. If you want to dabble with crypto shitcoins, then you could find some shitcoins that are early in shilling, jump aboard and then jump out before it dumps. You could also swing link since buying and holding LINK would only get you about 700 LINK. LINK is great for swingers. Especially now that it's crawling at the bottom and might pump.

Personally I'm just holding my 19k link stack. I'm 20 so I got time to wait and my goal is $700k and off to boomer stocks or if Chainlink's staking gives me at least 5%, then I'll leave it at that.

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I got some "dreams" of my own as well. Mainly startup ideas. Making it from LINK will take some time and even with $1m+, I still would want to go ahead and create the startup ideas so might as well do them now. I even learned to code myself before uni and made the app. Now I need to contact some businesses for cooperation. It's weird, I've been in mentally tough situations before, but contacting a business feels so weird and unnatural. It's all in the mind I guess. Just gotta keep going and fix all problems that might arise.

All the best to you fellow zoomer. Don't lose your wealth. Read some boomer stock books or something lol. Although financial markets are looking like a big bubble. More money more problems I guess, but at least not broke. Oh and don't reveal your wealth easily.

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Alchemist here, I can turn lead to gold AMA

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Indeed, anon. Life is a quantum feedback loop akin to an immutable ledger that distributes sub atomic particles per the consensus of the observer.
What unironically blows my mind is that we're all in this Truman Show together. Thats the part of this clown word that challenges me most
>Erase one, and the whole thing goes.
>kindness in the face of madness is big pow wow wisdom.

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Guess so. Worth it.

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Well no one was ever nice to me!!!!

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Fuck you nigger faggot! I'm going to be rich or I'm going to snap! My fingers!

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Opportunity and being vigilant on when to take it.


It was, it became gruesome and time consuming where I would need to from it as a company and start employing people. Also the lease became $14,000 a month after the first 6 months + Shopify fees. I didn't want to deal with it.

I could of gotten $4-$6 m maybe.. if I got the right buyer. But the company that bought it was already in the gadget space so it was a no brainer to be fair as I wasn't passionate about it at all.

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I hope so, because if it turns out to be true, then the Jews are in serious trouble..

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Its a closed system than seeks to quantify and contain that which is infinite. The most such can achieve is a swing of the pendulum. And again, that pendulum is swing against them at the moment. How long the moment lasts depends on various factors, some which shall always remain outside their presumption and sphere of control.

As it has always been. They are just as bound to this world as the rest of us. That you should concede.

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Fair enough. Yea, sad kek. That's the shit that makes me hope I never have kids, teach them how to work hard and be good people just so some slimey Jews can take advantage of them in some way. Hope God destroys the earth forreal this time.

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Theres was lots of resistance at 3.30.

We're heading to 2.80ish. Then gonna rally up down 2.90ish. Get rejected and then finally hit 2.60. Once that happens we'll be in the $12 waiting room.

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What do ya imagine Krugman's take will be once normie media starts rubber-necking at the God protocol here in the next 4 months?

I bet he'll compare it to bitcoins in a vain attempt to frame chainlink in terms of the crypto market. He'll play dimb all over again, all the while knowing its an asset unlike any other in post Atlantean history.

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The snuffer of the flame of evil.

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It means NEETS are profiting off the ambitions of those who fancy themselves rulers of the world.
Little dis they know, it is 4chinz who decides the timeline.
>/pol/ memetically actualized GEOTUS Trump
>/biz/ got in on the ground floor of the 4th Industrial revolution by trivializing it with memes to the point of obscurity and seeming inconsequence
>because they never take a chance at lurking harmless mongolian grill baords

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based and collectivehivemindpilled

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