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some choice quotes for lazy anons
>$pepe pajeet dev made $1.2M from his $400 investment. thanks for playing to all the liquidity providers.
>he's not retarded. sold in batches split over 5 different wallets.
>i didn't buy pepe, i saw through the obvious indian shilling
>He was all the pump money too from different wallets.
>nobody by the time anyone heard of this it was already at 80mil mc . I just sold because at any minute this will plummet .
>no one on biz made money off this except the jeet who ran the scam

and then one guy who got dubs and probably holds Apu now:
>The amount of /biz/ seethe over this coin is incredible. A bunch of nigger crabs in a bucket lmao. This will have a > $1B MC and you will still be seething about how you missed it, despite ample opportunity. Are there even White people left on this board, or is it just a call center BBS now?

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