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women are the reason for most wars. It just so happened that this cunt made a meme war... that led to the end of humanity.

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>let's hope this time it wont.
I'm suicidal and the only thing that keeps me from blowing my brains out are major happenings where everyone else suffers with me. This has been the happiest I've been in over 10 years.

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Who else is /short/ and /comfy/?

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Coronavirus is a bioweapon. REPO wasnt to pump the market, it was to prop it up for the Chinese collapse. They are buying the fuck out of SPY and QQQ.

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Trade BTC on weekends or be comfy in bed

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At some point they will bite off more than they bargained for.

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But what i've heard is:

"Since YouTube is an US platform, those rules apply globally as someone using YT, so they can sue you werever you are and you must go to court, or else interpol will do the rest".

Can someone tell me for a fact?

I don't want to be the only idiot that kills their own channel while everyone else in my niche keeps making $$$ because they don't give af and then it turns out no one ends up being sued.

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Hey OP, actual dev who understands how blockchain tech works unlike 99.9% of /biz/ here. FYI - The discovery of zkSNARKS literally made this project obsolete. It's dead in the water. I'm truly sorry you last money, good luck accepting the sunk cost. I know it's a mental struggle to accept that you made an absolute shit-tier decision and practically burned your hard earned money, but it takes a big man to accept it and the sooner you do that, the sooner you can move on to make money instead of throwing more cash what equates to a digital fire pit.

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massive pill

at least with 1 btc we'll have all we need in 2030, we can cope with hookers

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This is why I don't feel bad about not selling, I can sleep comfortably knowing I won't be going to hell for scamming a bunch of retards.

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Yea, can geel the whole market getting ready to implode like nothing we have seen before, like that calm before the storm where all the animals are gone and you can hear the silence.

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I didn’t want it to come to this, goodbye

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You know, i always secretly criticized you bears, but now I can see. Based bears.

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>How long until the USA collapses economically?
10 years

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What's the best storage of value during a global economic meltdown? Gold? Silver? Shitcoins?

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I just need enough in the bank to be able to manage $40-50k from a 4% annual withdraw rate. So, about 1.25 mil. Then I can quit my job, move to a low cost of living area and start dabbling in hobbies and shit that I don't have the time or energy to dabble in right now. And I'll just keep doing that until I die.

That's really all I want out of life, for my time to be my own, to have a pretty basic level of material comfort and to not be bothered by anyone. If I had millions more I wouldn't even know what to spend it on. Probably donate it to life extension research.

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GS11 fedcuck here, AMA. Yes I'm white, male, not a veteran and not disabled. I applied for this agency as a temp right out of college, then during my stint they had a massive reorg and half the agency quit. Suddenly they had a lot of spaces to fill so they took all the temps on as fulltimers. So I lucked out massively.

Pros: Lucrative relative to the work asked of me, unfireable, easy desk work (sometimes a pro and sometimes a con), coworkers I don't completely despise. Should be a GS12 within the next 3 months ($82k).

Cons: Just the most boring repetitive bullshit you can imagine, every day, every year, the same shit. You are never innovating or making something awesome, you just follow procedure forever. It takes 3 months to learn your job and then you'll spend the next 30 years doing it with minimal variation.

Federal employment really is a place for people who've given up. I think once upon a time it would have been a failing, but with how cutthroat and bullshit the modern job market is, I actually think giving up is the smarter choice now. It's either this, or going out in the real world and doing gigs, hustling, building my personal brand, hopping companies every 1.5 years for career advancement, and constantly having to prove myself and overperform for management faggots who take all the credit. I think there's a kind of nobility in opting out of all that bullshit which is shared by NEETs, fedcucks, the homeless, etc. Anyone who's found a way to opt out of this hypercompetitive lord of the flies modern job shit.

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since you put it like that...

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When the next financial crash comes and the race war/holy crusade kicks off, how much of your savings will you be spending on death and destruction?

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Never heard of this angle before. Tell me more anon.

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