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i was jobless and i didn't have any money to invest. imagine knowing it is the absolute bottom and wanting to invest with every single fiber of your being while not able to do so. It is worse than those who were like "haha, i could've bought but i missed it".

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>Ever since Jan, I've only come to /pol/ for /cvg/ but stumbled across /tgdg/ the other day. I head my own hedgefund, we specialize in commodities trading. In so many words, we deal with satellites measuring amount of fertilizer,nitrogen in Brazillian soil in their coffee plantations. Send me the coordinates, I'll be able to deliever in 2 days roughly

Currently /tgdg/ is crowd funding hi res satellite images of the 3 gorges dam and an ausanon/potential larper is chipping in with extra sat info

We'll keep /smg/ updated so you can prepare your bags.

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