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LINK @ $367 & $1000 shall happen, because, even if it started as a p&d, they know of our community and the price of LINK having been prophesied as attaining both the price points of $369 & $1000, and plan to eventually sell just as they're each reached.

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Tomorrow go to the chainlink booth
>Find tiger mommie
>linkhunter namefag suggestion

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What app op?
Udax keeps crashing for me

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This is the calm before the storm.

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Kek for sure. I plan on holding until my 12k is considered a whale, so a couple weeks tops.

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>shitty logo
>thousands of meme cube images
I think results beg to differ

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Checked we're going to make it

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Meaty larper feed us!

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i too am puzzled by these surreal events
and it never stops

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What kind of sacrifice can I make to kek/God in order to make sure I get the job I want? I feel very qualified for the position, but I just want to make some kind of sacrifice to be sure. Thanks in advance for the suggestions

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Bump - gib moar price prediction anon

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this is, unironically, bad for crypto

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Its 3D - buy it while you can and then/they spread rumors and memes about it

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Sell all of that and all in chainlink. No spoonfeeding. It literally takes you 10 mins on Google to realize this is a legit project regardless of biz

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It is time.

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Gee if only you invested your 5 btc’s into link , it would be 10 btc right now.

But you just had to gamble it on chinese shitcoins starups hyping everything up lmao.

Icx, wtc, vechain, neo

But but I don’t understand, so many partnerships LMAO, get exit scammed and dumped on brainlet dumb fucks.

Thanks for your money though.

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Post 'em

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I invested in link though, can't say this hasn't been one hell of a journey and I sure as hell would have earned my riches after holding through such a mind fuck game that is chainlink

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>get real

heh. how about you try getting digits, kid.

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feeling inspired by all these gets, so checkem

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dont get fooled by the holo shills, its all coordinated to suck you into a pump and dump. some might make it out with profit but most of you will be burned. go the safe route (and honestly the most comforting) buy LINK

the great thing about LINK is that after you buy some all you gotta do is hold onto it, live your normal life, in the back of your mind know that youre holding a precious piece of technology that by end of year will be worth 1k each. until then anon simply enjoy the memes, buy a little more when possible, and enjoy the ride. you wont have to work hard any longer if you simply invest now.

good luck

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