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pls teach me senpai

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y-you too

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LINK broke 20 k resistance and btc was at 13500 , I am fucking scared bro fucking hold me, every dumb fuck can see btc will moon like holy fucking starbucks but will link be able to not get dominated?

AAAAAAAaaa hold me anons!

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I was feeling good about my sell as well when I went to bed yesterday, now I wake up and it is fucking 2.60.. WTF is this shit, what happened? Fudders can fuck the Hell off , i am gonna buy back and lose 10% I can’t handle this shit should have bought back at 2.17 usd FUCK

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I dont want to fud, but thomas’ presentation at trufflecon will only be 10 minutes. Dont fall for the classic shill pump and dump.

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