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No spoonfeed, I guess I'll do the math myself.

Is it retarded to sell at a loss and use that loss to buy link when it bottoms out or should I just continue to hodl? Show me the math. I bought at 2.19 btw.

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Control f no stinky? Chinked???

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Hello frens, so I'm dating this girl for 6 months now and we recently celebrated her bday and being half year together. I bought her a Saint Laurent Paris wallet. She loved the present but wondered where all the money came from, the gift was pretty expensive and cost me around 400 pounds.

I finally showed her my portfolio and told her what I'm doing. I'm a swing trader and mostly swing trade shitcoins I find here on /biz. And before you stinky linkies say something YES I'M A SWING LINKER. She was surprised because I never showed off in any way so she thought I was normal.

But everything changed so fast, we started going out more often and she and I went shopping more often. In the picture you could she her checking out some Maison Margiela. She started to wear more lewd outfits and my dick was paying for it all. I recently spend like over 6k already on new stuff for us and a vacation to Japan.

Biz I still have around 6000 pounds due to some bad trades I made. I lost a good amount of money on my longs but the market didn't gave a fuck and stopped me out of all my positions. Can I ask you guys again for a favour? What should I buy in order recoup my loses? Thanks guys

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