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You know what to do anon.

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>snibeddi snab :DD

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Alt-coin fags: BTC will crash soon, it's over-valued!
BTC fags: Lol, shitcoins are irrelevant!
Crypto fags: Lmao at these cucks living in the past with their boomer rocks!
Metals fags: Crypto is a scam, you can't hold it in your hands!

All wrong. The only "bag holders" are gonna be the vast masses of normies who have never heard the word "fiat", and think that the government paying them to sit at home and watch netflix has no consequences.

We're ALL gmi. Hasn't that become clear over the past year?

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Crabs have consumed it for the time being

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place your bets kek
love this place

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How crabbed are we bros?

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Women are like a mug of beer. After a few hours it becomes shit

Except its years not hours

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serious question. I've heard silver is too unpredictable to make consistent money. is this true. I don't invest my own stocks, my 401k does all of it for me but im making above my means still so wondering if it's time to start making some more money with investments. if so when is the best time to buy

pic unrelated.

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Irl businessman here. Im surprised op is level headed and realistic. Unlike all of biz he bothered to use a calculator

Someday maybe all d retards here will open a calculator and realize where all this is heading...but thats too much to ask

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he didnt, he decided to save it (when it becomes the time to do so)

but his wording was misinterpreted by the weak, and misleading for the millions of quint-bots that were scanning headlines

he is a master of mental fortitude, forever locked in a battle of wills vs 7 billion others who would happily doom the economy for their own selfish desires

no, he demonstrated his power to those who doubted him, proving that he can save the system when (((they))) decide to crash it


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threadly reminder about those CMG puts
don't forget about that juicy SGMO

Can I get a crab taco over here? careful of those claws :^)

VRUS poster seems to disappear the last couple days.... hmm.... I wonder why?

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T-1.5 hours

will it be a bull announcement, or a bear announcement?!?!?

>captchas are malfunctioning

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/pol/ was always a containment board for trash

you are just lying to yourself if you think it was ever good
(election night stickies are fun for the lols though)

hes not great, but between the choice of him or clinton for 2016, he is the best choice

>I’ve lost so much fucking money. Literally close to 400k. It was from inheritance.
you deserve worse

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sorry to hear that ;_;

things will get better though

but maybe not tomorrow

>famous last words

smoothbrained response brah

>says the trap

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