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how do you explain this then? the 700k moves every time link pumps. why would they time it like this if they were just giving the tokens away

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I took a bunch of adderall today and rode my motorcycle from maine to nyc for 9 hours and then I made this. I'm not sure if anyone has plotted this yet, but if so, I've missed it.

Here is the key:

-vertical lines are all of the 700,000 LINK dumps by the team plotted to the hour.
-horizontal lines are lines I had previously drawn at critical supports/resistances (inb4 USDT chart, I know, I know, but bear with me)
-the downward sloping line is the downtrend resistance following the pump to $4.50. The price highs touch this line repeatedly, as you can see.
-the upward sloping line is the larger timeframe upward trend support that has been going for a while, ever since we left 40c territory.

What we can see is that every time LINK approaches a critical support, resistance, or trendline, the team dumps 700,000. As LINK approached what appeared to be the bottom of the descending triangle formed by the downward trendline and the middle horizontal support line I drew, they dumped three times within 48 hours. It is clear from this chart they are trying to keep the price down when a breakout seems imminent. The price is volatile at the moment due to larger market conditions, and it appears to be creeping around the middle horizontal line I drew. At the point where the price contacts the line and threatens to break out, about three hours ago, they made their most recent dump. I'll let you all speculate on why or argue against that conclusion.

I am bullish on LINK and hold 15k. But this is really fucking annoying. I guess at least they are trying to prevent a massive speculative overvaluation that might prompt an absolute cratering of the price, which is bullish because it proves they are in this for the long haul. I would be curious to see these lines drawn over the LINKBTC chart but I don't feel like doing it. Discuss.

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