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Ripple (XRP) is a scam and a pyramid scheme. The 2 creators made 600 million selling off XRP for years. They artificially kept its price low by dumping their bags and selling them regularly. They told the public and investors they were "going long" while they were selling off their coin and cashing out. I'm so glad I didn't get pulled into this one. I was about to dump 15K into it, thinking the cheap price of the coin was too good to pass up. Fuck Ripple.

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Bro, if we make enough memes forcing the FTM logo into it, it will jolt back to life and send us all to the moon!

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This whole board is insecure NEET incels bragging about what they have or lying about it, to demoralize other insecure NEET incels and make themselves feel better about their shit lives. You're all liars and grifters. Pathetic.

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