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Then you’re playin’ in the majors, kid

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any based sirs comfy trading futures this fine evening

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Unironically a massive fakeout, which happens often over the weekends. By the end of monday we'll be above 50k again. Screencap this

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it begins

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Same here chief, sure is a hell of a feeling

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I will happily take any chance to be antisemitic.

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WHEEEE down with the avax roaches

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just sold my entire 1,048 DOGE stake for +$70 what i paid for. feels good. farewell doge. thanks for the free money.

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I'd like to thank GRT for covering my losses.

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When youre a poorfag, any increase is a good increase, dont listen to the rich frens with their 12k stacks, they'll be Billionaires we'll be Millionaires.

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Just bought, up 1.6% I think Im going to make it.

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A man of real class I see, still just using a Seiko SKX007 at the moment but a Grand Seiko is my dream piece, the movement is so smooth.

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Buy the dip before $1

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Thread Theme - https://youtu.be/0p_1QSUsbsM

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4.9k Reefies will I make it ?

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Nice pasta, bot friend.

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Wow now you have zero reason to sell.

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I do apologise for the curt language, I was just attempting to blend into the general populace here on this Korean Basket Weaving Forum.

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Fine folks gathered here today.
I have a important announcement to make, I shall be back in less than 10 minutes.

In the meantime, continue talking between yourselves.

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since the events of last night's announcement went swimmingly, I have decided to host another conference for you gentlemen.

this time, however, we will begin with some fortunate news you will not want to miss. our further itinerary for the evening will touch upon topics you all know and love, with support from some of the most distinguished scholars in all of biz. perhaps you would wish to filter some advanced knowledge from these worldly minds? I know I do, and your opportunity has now come.

there are a limited amount of seats this time, so please do come in and help yourself to the refreshments while I prepare the stage.

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Sounds like a great store of value anon

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ahem. gentlemen, the time has come.

I have recently come into a large sum of money thanks to a very kind nigeran scholar who claims he is royalty. while I initially doubted this claim, he has shown me papers and documentation through our email correspondence that thoroughly proves this claim time and time again.

being humble, kind and generous is necessary in these hard times - as such, I am willing to share these funds with you as soon as my wire transfer is returned to me tenfold. the first anon that can produce digits of the thrice variety will lay claim to this fortune.

do with this information as you will. good evening to you all.

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