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If you derive intrinsic value from a car, then more power to you. Personally I have my dad's first car (a 1969 challenger) in the garage. It's beat to shit and needs work, but I'd love to fix the thing up as a hobby

However, we all know that 95% of the reason people choose "luxury" or "high end" fancy german cars over cost efficient jap shitboxes is because they think it impresses people. But it really fucking doesn't. A car is a car and all modern cars are basically the same shit, +/- frivolous things like leather vs cloth seats or built-in GPS. You're really not impressing anyone with a BMW or Audi. Not when they're all the same anyway, and not when every poorfag just live beyond their means and buys the car on credit anyway.

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because normies are nigger-rich and think spending the equivalent of their entire yearly take-home salary for a car is a worthwhile expenditure.

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remember that one redditfag who sold his BTC last summer at 10k for a fancy german car and gucci loafers?

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I wince at the idea of buying $32k bitcoin, but you have to keep things in perspective. The 4 year cycle has been vindicated once again. It's going to, at the very least, 100k. So that's still a 3x ROI over the 11-12 months, possibly more, but it's hard to say once we reach the final blow-off top.

It's like buying 3k BTC back in early 2017. A pleb might look at the chart and say "whoa, it's 3x overvalued compared to the previous ATH! Why would anyone buy this!". And then it goes up to 20k.

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