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State your business

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Inverse fetal hammer, I’d be careful of a drop gents.

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Does anyone care what this faggot thinks?

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you have to go back

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Am I a complete clown for believing that this pre - sale is legit?

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I’m not buying shitty altcoins. You guys are brain dead. 99.9% of altcoins are complete shit. You guys must be new here.

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>teaching a normie instead of family
Ngmi with this nigger tier behavior

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I am from the year 2035, used this board lots back in the day and now that we have the ability to go back in time I figured I would share this even though no one will ever acknowledge it.

Bitcoin hits $1,000,000 in the year 2023.

By the year 2028 75% of all people own crypto.

Now in current year 2035 cash no longer existing. The banks on got in on crypto so not much has really changed but those who were early to BTC and ETH are filthy rich. Don’t fall for these pajeet alt coins and buy what is going to be the future. Stop chasing short term and focus long term.

Good luck anon.

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What’s their drug? Is it a vaccine or a therapeutic?

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