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Another 700k.
It never ends.

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>the only link activity is spamming the network with eth price that no one is requesting by a set of in-house nodes
>this allows everyone to use the link price oracle for free
All it takes is one on-chain request for something to become available to everyone. That's because every ethereum block contains a hash of the state root, which allows proof generation. How many completely different api requests are actually going to exist?
There's even a ready-made web3 call for that:
This can be used along with the blockhash opcode to trustlessly check the answer on-chain, "stealing" the answer for use in another contract.

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Jesus Christ, Im seriously at the end of the line, no more resources, got laid off, no perspective, I wageslaved for a whole year and only could save $800 (third world country here).

Do we have any idea if mainnet comes by the end of Q2? I can keep it together until then, but after that Im fucked.

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I assume that everyone here wants to stake their links once mainnet goes live. Would there be a comprehensive brainlet guide on where to get data in the future?

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We 27 cents now

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But fuck that I’m here to get rich, just went all in LINK with the rest of my fiat $1000 EOY FAGGOTS

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This is a p&d scam created by some discord cliquefags. This is a warning to all newfags coming to this board because of le epic link memes. You will lose money on this if you buy in now.

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I have a compulsive desire to spread FUD against coins or stocks that I’m long in. I get a sick pleasure from it. Anyone else like this?

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What should be done after setting up a chainlink node with Docker compose? instructions as per this video:

In his medium article
it was said that you need to edit a .env file and input your address/ network type in there. How can it be done if a person created a node with the official docker repo through AWS?

When the node has been synced in AWS's server, no prompt appeared asking for my API email and password. It just kept receiving headers.

How can a person break connection to the server while the node is running? There appears to be no way to logout of the server while the node is syncing, even if using "screen" in terminal.

Finally, why is it that the node doesn't save its syncs, even when already fully updated? Had to sync everything again after logging out.

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I feel like a fucking idiot. This entire process have been way out of my realm but I'm glad anons like you and thomas exist to guide me through

so turns out I'll need to modify some files in the github repo. Does that mean the repo needs to be cloned to pc, its files manually altered, and reuploaded to your personal github account, and then link your repo into the aws instance instead of from thomas's official repo?

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Let's list all things that mooned while link crawled in the gutters the last year

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I haven't slept since I woke up and found out LINK was a lie motherfucker
This is the end of my gains
You are the end of my gains

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There is no point, banks will be putting supercomputes in every city anyway

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I'm in the EXACT same situation as you just studying architecture instead of finance. Decent grades + curiosity + not wanting to have regrets

CS + Math complements many things very well. Just teach yourself in your spare time for fun and work in finance as your day job

Sometimes magic happens when you bring two disciplines together, don't fall into the trap that one's intellectual jouney always confines to a linear path

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>why should I buy it?
You shouldn't

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Any lawyers among us marines?

How realistic is the implementation of smart contract in a typical medium sized companies? What are the current legal issues?

What's stopping me from pitching a very simple insurance smart contract to a ____ company?

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Friend said that I'd be better off getting a math degree and learn programming on my spare time

Calling out biz for some cs/math redpill

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Let's stay on topic boys, today is World Suicide Prevention day and you're spreading misery. Are you guys chainlink holders? You can sell now into BTC if you don't want to kys in the future. See I picked your favorite stable coin (tm).

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I'm starting to doubt this fucking shit.

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