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Ahahaha back to 7 linkies

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stinkies, how does it feel to be BTFO?

All this time you tried to bully me by calling me linklet, nolinker, pajeet and other names. But now you are broke I am the one laughing. Funny how karma strikes us, isn't it?

Get fucked, stinktards.

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>muh $1k EOY for the past 3 years
>Can't even break $5.00

Why are linkies so delusional?

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OMG everybody! I have insider information that $LINK is going to free fall by the end of today! Russians hacked one of the devs main wallets and is a greedy bitch waiting for all the normies to keep scooping bags, until he fucking MEGA Dumps on your ass. If you sell everything now, you can just buy back your stack for way way cheaper. That's all I can say

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Daily reminder linktards are fucking delusional

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Linkies be like

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You linkturds are delusional. This shit is going to dump hard and then I'll flex on all of you with my ETH

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It's already over. Link will never go above two dollars. It will go below 1 and die. I bought in at fifty cents. At four dollars I had real life changing money, now it's barley worth anything. We were too late. There will never be another 2017 run. I will always be poor. Link will never go above two dollars. My entire life is over....

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Biz is dead as fuck now, I actually miss you cunts.. come out of hiding please. Swear even the BSV fags have left.
Let's have an old school biz memes thread.
Hot braps are welcome too.

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>not buying TRUE for 61% cheaper than other exchanges
>Doesn't know how to use real decentralized IDEXs
> Not shorting OKeX
No wonder you're poor

Do the needful and report my thread sirs lets get this faggots scam link filtered

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And you know that the larger the time frame a pattern emerges, the more weight it holds with how it will play out

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So THIS is the power of chainlink?

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You too?

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This shit will end like COSS

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Chainlink's team is literally dumping all over us as we speak. Sergey just has a few more presentations where he drags his fat and tech-illiterate ass like a dog with worms before an audience of college freshmen who wanted to play with crypto as a hobby and then he can finally cash out his own stack and retire early. He could go up on stage, announce the cessation of the project, and then post pictures from some beautiful beach in czech every day and you would still hold onto your extremely overvalued stacks. They don't even dump on you themselves. That's how bad it is at this point - they can literally use a bot to sell off huge amounts of link every single day and know that you'll just make up cope because it's too hard to accept. This proves that the team is definitely aware of the sentiment on this board - they know that old retards and new suckers alike are trapped now. Sergey could show up to his presentations drunk at this point and you imbeciles would just try to claim that he's a chad despite the fact that he is a soft and timid little eunuch who is clearly in way over his head. But then again, so are you.

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