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crypto tax? never heard of it

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Post your face when you realized you only need to buy high dividend growth stocks to NEET off of in 10 years

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>mfw I bought two lottery tickets
>mfw I'm going to be a millionaire in a few hours
I'll buy out REFR

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>post chart
I'm a poorfag with $500 in his account down 45%, at least I know I'm terrible
>build up an edge
You mean get your ass saved by GBR
>I'm still right about ALT
kek tell that to the bad holders YOU created

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>tfw smg gets slow so you throw out bait to increase posting


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Bless you oh gracious plantation owner for thine free niggcoin that you have bestowed upon me.
I shall make sure not to work him to death too fast.
May your cotton grow dense.

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