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>157 Link

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>Coping, seething, and dilation detected
I know the water looks great, but the pool is still closed. I am going to need you to vacate the area.
Yes I'm sure you have money sir, but unfortunately at this time we simply cannot facilitate your entry.

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It's unfortunate for you that Chainlink has vastly outperformed your shitcoin.
You were here and you were warned yet you continue to buy this trash instead because you are so deluded you think you can beat the system by participating in it.
It's sad really.

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Sir I need you to leave the pool area, it is unfortunately closed for now. Better luck next time.

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I'm happy for your gains anon, I truly am.
It's just super unfortunate that the pool is in fact closed. Better luck next time champ.

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I apologize, but unfortunately the pool is closed.
Yeah I know you have money, it's just that this is not how the pool works.
You simply cannot use the pool, again I apologize for the inconvenience sir.

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>mfw he's unironically serious

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Holy shit anon, you couldn't get in could you?
Sorry bud, better luck next time.

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Checked and you just bumped us above 15 thanks anon.

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We were fighting with 8 bucks two weeks ago.
Very moisturized rn.

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I just want this thread to be hoppin as we pump. This is the thread that we retake $12 in, I can feel it. Carved a nice Spiderman pumpkin today and had some candy for the first time in what seems like forever. Been sick for several years and have missed multiple autumns entirely, but finally got everything figured out and am feeling amazing. Last time I felt this good was the pump to $20. Let’s get the same energy going bros, WAGMI

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Chainlink cryptocurrency tokens will never be under $10 for the remainder of human history.
How does that make you feel?

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Ok so you are just blatantly lying now?
Got it....
>$7.06 and climbing

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We are literally making it in real time.

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Ohh Link is pumping

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Checked and keked

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>be a faggot
>post zero effort bait
>no one replies because it is a gay thread
>Come back 35 minutes later
>Frantically scroll through catalogue to find shit almost dead post
>Bump shit thread with "Chainlink tongues nigger anus"
This about sum it up Anon?

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Chainlink cryptocurrency tokens are a known scam

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Second fav

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Please take a seat, but don't get too comfortable gentlemen.

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Is this where we are posting the memes?

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