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They've solved slippage. They've pioneered single asset pools backed by a corresponding pool of weth to negate impermanent loss. It has a fixed supply of 55,000 and afford holders a share of transaction fees. It offers liquidity mining of a secondary token. They have their own private IoT network that can take transactions offchain and minimise fees.

The real game changer is that it will have hybrid blockchain technology that will technically allow DEXG Swap to be implemented on every blockchain with sidechain functionality.
DEXG provides holders with Passive income

Assuming 10% of Uniswaps existing daily 2Bn volume = 200Mn and Fees of 0.1%

200Mn x 0.001 = 200,000 daily income from fees

55,000 Token maximum supply

200,000/55,000 = $3.63 per DEXG Token per day or $1325 per year

Since income is generally 10-20% APY the token should be between $6625-$13250

Its currently at a discount and available for $200

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