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First for buying morning dips and riding it all the way down to negative close for the day

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I bought a cheap property with a two dilapidated buildings on it that both had full hookups. Ive finished fixing the large outbuilding workshop, slowly working on the duplex up by the road. I havent set my alarm clock for two months and spend every morning shitposting on biz with my 10 cent cup of coffee in my regular mug before working on tasks at whatever pace i damn well please.

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Thanks, doesnt look like aurcana is available on the platform i use (robinhood). I started buy a little hecla just two days ago, maybe ill just put some more into that.

Im going to check out some of the podcasts you listed too. Dont know if i will be able to keep up with all of it, already listen to schiff. Again, like your style, thanks

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Well, most types of corn grown are meant for animal feed or processing, so the likelyhood of you snagging edible sweetcorn is relatively low. Good luck, shuck and jive on.

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I am, I have gold so anything that accelerates the collapse of the dollar is good. Unfortunately, i dont see it happening. Welfare programs only exist to perpetuate and expand government bureaucracy, actually solving peoples problems is antithetical to that. UBI comes too close to problem solving, so unless they were to add layers and layers of exceptions and caveats to the point where the programs becomes effective only at retaining government bureaucrats and not helping citizens, they wont do it (especially now, cant have average whitey getting any scraps). Catch 22.

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Like $3k in silver and gold. Have to keep $5k in bank for cash flow, not really savings. I have something like $55k in availible credit. My real money is the several hundred thousand in rental real estate i own, so i can reap the benefits of central banking moves that favor the wealthy (which is pretty much their reason for existing).

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God I fucking hope, I wanna take the next step up with my rental portfolio. A big reset in the short term rental space would let me get in at a new ground floor with a safe allocation. Airbnbs print money, the fact that a bunch of retards overextended doesnt change that fact. The larger share of rentals I own in my town the greater control I have in keeping out criminals, degenerate drug users and progressives (to repeat myself for a third time).

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100%, because im self employed
>americans are liable for every single cost their life incurs
No, but it should be that way. Why should I pay for a lifetimes worth of insulin for a fat slobbering retard, or food stamps for juanita's 5 anchor babies?

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>Omg is that your daughter? Shes so cute! She has your, ummmm, your, uhhhh, jaw line? Your parents must be so proud.

Look for cities under 300,000 people with as little diversity as possible. That way you can get all the urban amenities without joggers constantly jogging by.

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oil tankers

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You should swtich up to a standing desk and sucking cock instead, your asshole will thank you.

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Because on old boiler trains you had to separate your furnace from your fuel (coal/wood) for safety reasons, with the train operators in the middle. Keeping the furnace loader and train engineer in the same cab reduced complexity, increased communication speed, and allowed covering of duties if needed. Truely form follows function, considering there werent any sort of regulations effecting design in those days.

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Government statistics and policy target a 2% inflation rate. Private organizations pin real inflation anywhere from 2 to 10% or even higher if you include healthcare, education, taxes, housing, etc. Say the real rate of inflation is 6%, and banks are offering you a federally subsidized loan at 3.5%. That would put your effective borrowing cost at negative 2.5%, you are being paid to borrow, and you are purchasing an asset with inflation-hedging properties. This formula gets even better with small apartment buildings that qualify for residential mortgages.

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>not buying a rental property with artificially low interest rates like that

Its like you dont even want to make it.

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Warren buffet is based because everyone believes he gives out good advice for free but in reality he is just using plebs to pump up his own position.
>"its always a good time to buy stocks"
>sits on $150 billion in cash because there are literally no good buys in stocks
Warren is the ideal person to ignore words and watch actions. Also, he used to be pro gold till he figured out its beneficial to have pleb wealth transfered to him via fed policy.

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I guessould have just used niggerfaggots instead, or bothered spell checking, but im lazy when im having my morning coffee. Im just relaxing with shitposting before heading over to check to see who paid rent today.

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Were gonna make it, corona chan cant split tru biz frens

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Rather than bothering with setting wage floors, we should just execute the bottom 0.5% of adult earners every year. This systematic yearly culling would eliminate our over accumulation of genetically faulty low IQ or non-productive people and raise the quality of our population over time. With a high IQ society you can make your political system successful whether it leans more capitalist or socialist.

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We've got another one bois

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Exactly what im going to do to any tenant that skips out on rent this upcoming month.

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Landlord story time
>be me
>poorfag barely not virgin
>never earn more than $14k in a year
>decide i want to move out of my parents house and be a landlord
>miraculously find a retiring landlord in 2014 that is willing to seller finance a duplex that needs work
>every other house on block in forclosure, decide its worth the risk and sign contract
>beg for and borrow money for raw materials
>fix and repair property for next 6 month by myself after work because poorfag that cant afford repairmen
>find tenant for one apartment, move into the other
>cool i can do this
>find a second property in town, a real disaster
>boarded up windows
>copper plumbing all stolen
>wiring from the 1930s
>fuck it, buy it in auction for real cheap, with money i didnt have
>scramble to borrow money for payment
>spend next two years fixing the property, by myself after work
>now the most beautiful brick victorian on the block
>also a duplex, so get two more tenants
>now working on fixing up third building, this one was boarded up for 10 years
>2 years into fixing it up, when finished i can live a lower middle class lifestyle with income from 6 tenants, without having to rely on a regular job

Anybody who tries to take away what i have built with my own two hands is going to catch lead. I treat my tenants extremely well, still have my original tenant at her origional rental rate 6 years later. If you have shit experience with landlords, it could be bad luck, or more likely you are a shit candidate for quality landlords who can have their pick of good renters.

tl/dr Lefty/pol/ can suck my cock

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Millenial here, your rent was due on the 1st you zoomer fag, my post corona virus vacation to the french Riviera wont pay for itself. Get it done or i file for eviction on the 15th.

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>be hungry on a tuesday afternoon
>feel like getting a chicken tendy sandwich
>go to my usual diner
>settle in for 90 minute dining experience of tendies and browsing /biz/ and/or zerohedge
>all waitresses are bigboobie young local mom types 6/10 or so as to not activate my sperg insticts while still being delightful
>fully enjoy my tendies, small talk and autism web browsing
>always leave a 35% tip for my big boobie mommy waitresses

Sounds like there are some people on biz who dont have a comfy local spot with an all white front and back staff. I wish i was a more successful neet so i could eat there more often.

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