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if you decide to buy try to hold for long term and be patient anon nobody got millions over night

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Imagine thinking pnk wasn’t going to be in the top 10 one day.

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link can’t solve the oracle problem because it cannot handle subjective data. That’s what pnk is. Pnk is also one of the top holds among link whales. Are you connecting the dots yet?

t. 15k link 340k pnk

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This. Pic related

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Fucking pajeet thinks kleros is just another shit coin. I suggest DYOR faggot.

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You’re mad cuz you didn’t buy in February And missed out on easy money. Guess what? Most linkies hold pnk and you know how strong our fucking hands are. Gonna have to try harder than that. Pic related. Imagine believing any faggot fudding pnk.


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>Good Coins to buy
PNK - Pic Related. The service fucking works. That's all that needs to be said! If it really does make it to Binance in November, then it'll be too late for the FUDDers. Why try to FUD PNK? What the fuck is wrong with you?

CNS - Recent project. Meant to be a $1 stable coin, but can be purchased for 1c. Bittrex listing on the 14th. This will moon, so you can buy now and sell when it moons.

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>made up charts
Idk man, kleros has done a 20x since the Feb token sale. I was here during the sale trying to get anons to open their eyes. Retards didn’t listen. You’re One of the retards I’m referring to btw. Anywho, see you at $1.

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Here’s a tweet from a few days ago. Another huge grant for Kleros. May be at least the 5th one they’ve received.

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DAILY REMINDER: you’re a fucking dumbfuck if you are not stacking pnk. WTFWT btw

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If you don't see the potential in Kleros, then you are a fool.

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This. Also biz has had a chance to buy pnk for half a penny. Let that sink in. Never listen to half-assed fud.

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This is one of the safest holds. New ath and volume today

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Yeah go ahead and buy a #6 ranked coin at ATH and get life’s riches! Are you fucking stupid? congrats

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>don’t buy a coin that is receiving millions in grants, shills by vitalik, actual use case with a working product that is working NOW and has generated $500k to users
Literally Kys dumbass

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All in pnk unironically

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No, pnk is. Statera is cool but not revolutionary and can be easily cloned. Pic related.

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The next 100x is pnk. If you hold that stack you’re set for life. How the fuck does someone get 400k pnk fml

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Buy pnk, stop watching porn and your like will be totally different in 1y from now.

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Pnk is gold. That’s for sure. Other biz bris will attest.

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PNK if you have any fucking brain matter in your noggin.

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>not hedging with pnk

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