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Mmm oh yeah fuck and fuck your boyfriend. mmmmm. Yeah this is now a cunny thread.

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>The president right now without passing any laws can legally confiscate your meme coins.
German police can't even confiscate 60 million euro of defrauded money in bitcoin after the guy spent 2 years in prison refusing to give up the seed.

You newfags need to cuck off. I love cunny

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>all these newfags crying that they lost their life savings
Is this your first "Sunday crypto-wide dump before the Monday pump" you human waste?

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I only have this one me atm.

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>Meanwhile, the number of countries that address the taxation of tokens obtained via staking stands at just five: Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland.
Reminder because newfags here keep forgetting it.


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Okay but how do you make meme gains like this?

Just following alt coins or what?

There's no big gains to be made in BTC/ETH/LINK if you have no capital.

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