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Sweden Nr 1

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>red id
it's over

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I'm a migrant but not on the US, and can't have access to investing on stocks.

However, I've been thinking for a while to invest some money into having Swiss Francs, one of the most stable currencies worldwide, even more stable than USD.

Do you guys think it's worth it? What are your thoughts on regular currency investments like this?

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>Who's anus
Anon asking the important questions. This is why I come here.

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It's like butler but Putin, like if Putin were your butler! HA!
[studio audience laughter]

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Do you tip? Why (not)?

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All in Link. Link stalls in bull market. Pi index and all other predictions say end of bull market in 2 weeks. Should I as a linkie be happy about upcoming bear market and hope then link will repeat his 10x in bear?

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Tell me why it wouldn’t

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Post three coins with the best fundamentals, go.

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Anyone else holding OSMT? I'm just now back in the green

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I was born in the wrong generation.
Also fuck society, I've got tendies to eat.

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It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it

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finna cop me some of that $19k you got sittin there bitch boy.

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So then I says to the lady: I got yer oral covid vaccine RIGHT HERE

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Did I stutter?

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good morning and fuck wagies

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>Link, that don't even do anything and serve no purpose whatsever
Price go wooosh

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for me: its a 3x long at $19.40

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woken up: check
coffee made: check
bags ready to dump: ccccccccheck

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2025 cope..

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>XRP was the sacrificial goat, because its now dead and delisted
something something pheonix something

>Thank you SEC.
something something tesla amazon etc were also sued by SEC, look what happened... something something

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Hear me out, the market is stabilized at the moment cause everyone is waiting for the dump of the 15th, after that everyone will buy and we'll reach 50k

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Daily reminder that the people that knows how to make easy money never will share their secrets.

Keep wasting your time with your "finance educators" faggots.

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