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>you think the Chinese communist party has been tasked to gang stalk you
actually I think they're helping me haha
there's competing interests obviously

I've got pedophile vampires I'm dealing with so I'm not sure who's an ally and who's an enemy
but calling for my suicide is a clear enough to determine that you're a bad actor

>Did you sweep your room for bugs yet today?
it's called your mobile phone smoothbrain

>Are you trying to say it's the elites trying to get rid of it to maintain their power / lies etc?
we're inheriting the new world:
some of these losers are pissed about that
they were promised something and they're getting the opposite of what they expected

most are still willfully blind about the nature of the world and of society

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"If he is going to stand up, then he has to prove who he is. Otherwise, there is absolutely no sense in standing up.
What could there possibly be as proof? I know how it would have to roll out...anyway... It will not be a person standing up proclaiming he is the one. IMO, he would never proclaim himself to be the one. Again, there is absolutely no reason to do so.
If he exists, he is the message. He is not a messenger. In other words, people will not need to be told he is the one. Circumstances will dictate that he is the one...period.
What would the roll-out consist of? Everything converging in his direction. Everything converging to his lines of 'thought'. It should be a natural convergence, though I am positive some will try to capitalize on it, perhaps be trying to preempt the natural roll-out. Which, when people proclaim that they are the One, is exactly what they are trying to do.

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if the timestamp link doesn't work, fast forward to 31 minutes into the mix

yeah, that's the primary reason I put on the "42" name
as a counter to homosexuals claiming the rainbow as their symbol

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they dragged him along as well
that's okay though, we all know Vitalik's spookjob father is the real brains behind the operation

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>I've seen this image before but where does it even mention it's Link?
the riddle was initially posted as a reaction to my 42-posting the week before
It was never explicitly stated that it's the chainlink price but rather it was implied

Look at the dates of the riddles and index it against the price chart of chainlink in the summer. The riddles literally lined up, to the day, with the first major chainlink moon mission after the oracle/coinbase announcements.

Would you believe me if I told you that I converted my BTC/ETH holdings all into chainlink right before the big pumps? And I did it right before the answer to the riddle was posted. Then the next day, chainlink moons.

Remember what was said when the riddle was first posted:
Being three as one.

You have one week from now.
Tuesday 25 June at 7PM EDT I will reveal the holy grail.
Do not disappoint me.

Find me 2 keys
As Above So Below

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>mite b cool

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