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>entire market is taking a massive shit
>except for GME, which is seemingly restricted by laws of nature to keep crabbing near $120 when it should realistically be $15 based on GameStop as an actual company
> shills are overrunning everywhere we’re discussing it
Something seems fucky but I can’t quite explain why

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Maybe AH close then

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Just remember, math is math. There is almost no way for this not to get pumped to the stratosphere whether it be today or in a month or longer. Short term seems far more likely.

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If Tech stays this low into the close we might see more forced liquidations which is a theory about what happened yesterday. The short HFs still have time left in the day to see if things turn around, but those margin calls can’t wait all day.

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So everyone did what they wanted to in the first hour and it hasn’t cratered. Don’t see that as anything except very bullish.

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Meme Farmer General #1
This thread is for rare memes and spicy memes to distract us from watching charts. Pepes, Wojaks, Bobos. Anything goes

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Are globalists aware that we basically do the opposite of whatever they say? I’m wondering if they do and this is some fucky reverse psychology going on

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Considering your point a bit more I think I'm going to change them. Both at the end of the day are a higher general quality. General structuring of people/societies follows a triangle pattern with the bottom tiers following the top. Including higher level quality only draws in higher level people therefore increasing the base of the triangle. They're included in a list of not as deep lines as well, it kind of salts in some quality to the already digestible and 'easier' lines. I also can't believe I just had an in depth discussion on meme culture and am not sure what to think about that; it's kind of funny.

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A good chunk of $50 calls expire today and if they get exercised it could lead to some buying pressure. There are almost twice as many $60 calls expiring so if there are any big long fund bros trying to btfo of the shorts we could even see it spike that high. Not every call would be exercised as many are simply closed out, but it’s an unknown variable nonetheless and could make for some fireworks over the next hour

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This reasoning was why I bought originally but now I'm not sure if I'm 100% sold on the idea. Basically XRP acts as a transmission to ensure
1USD:XRP:1YEN or whatever other currency? How does adding another layer of conversion between currencies simplify the process? Speed? How would XRP maintain a price for transfer of CBDC A -> CBDC B while maintaining a consistent ratio between A and C, C and D, D and B etc? Maybe I'm misunderstanding.

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Why is normie adoption/copious news coverage a signal? Is it basically saying that the fringe buyers that can buy have bought and momentum is being lost? Is it a point where non fringe buyers start to think about cashing out?

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>perform my (now) daily average down buys at the first plunge of the day
>click away to block out the pain and stress
>click back and the first nice green candle in ages is on the screen
>h..has the corner been turned?

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key level on the Q's boys

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short CRM?

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holy shit apparently it's true, monkeys consistently do better than hedge funds. I always thought that was just a meme

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If $4 ChainIink is ETH at $20, can I just take ETH's ATH and divide it by 5 to get its ATH?

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>get around high iq people
>do exactly what they tell you to avoid doing

I-I think I’ve found the formula to success frens

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