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around 7-8 years ago I hung out in a tranny irc for a while to fuck with them. but they are seriously fucked in the head and didnt need help being "triggered". even back then before they really went 100mph into the shitstorm of insanity. the worst of the worst was a nigger FTM tranny. complete batshit insane nigger.

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netflix stock is over $500 but the service fucking sucks.

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what would you do if you proved a super valuable math problem but if you wanted to solve it you would need someone to sponsor you to build a better computer?

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I know and that sucks. I have some ideas on stuff to make that dont require the highest cost 7nm lithograph machines to make smartphone processors though. basically I would (have) started manufacturing the monolithic high current high heat liquid cooled transistors needed for EV motor speed controllers.

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for what? this is intriguing. I like elon kinda.

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ive determined that im stupid and retarded and probably should stop trading stocks. but i dont think i will stop. I just need to get gooder

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>some poor palantir intern who has to monitor /smg/ for general sentiment.
>collects a bunch of memes about karp and hobbits
>report that a bunch of racists are going to apply for a job at palantir
>they want to target rival investors and fud their portfolios
>news reaches karp during breakfast
>he cracks open his softboiled egg
>takes a sip of coffee
>starts laughing his ass off.

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