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>I trust
maybe you should read the Introduction
if you trust cuckbase you can just stick to cbdc

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>should we be buying Luna right now?

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me but bancor

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>it's coin is not needed for the tech to work or make sense financially.
> All we're doing here is backing the tech/project financially with the coin

now repeat that, but with institutions like banks buying chainlink to do just that you fucking retard

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>his info is good

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that study was moronic beyond belief and those stanford dimwits hs their assholes ripped wide open by statisticiams. literallythe stupidest shit imaginable. zero understanding of statistics

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>more secure
formally verifed code and mathematically proven secure protocol vs eth 2 (this is what we like)
shelly at about 150-250 tps vs bitcoin or eth... this is simple math. hydra scales way the fuck beyond what is possible woth eth 2's ledger based sharding.
lowet txn fees
>more decentralized
1000+ stake pools ve btc and eth, there is no conpetition. it isn't even close

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>That's literally it.
your brain on mETH just because mETH devs are not able to understand the Ouroboros paperS doesn't mean you get to pretend that your mongloidian idiocy is true

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>thieves stole two memecoins, btc and skycoin
>both were returned
>that means bsv isn't a legal asset
how does your brain even work and come to that conclusion
it sounds like another rent free episode

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>herd immunit
reminder to the reddit dumbfuck. there is no evidence nor any reason to expect people to gain lasting immunity from reinfection. there is however published evidence showing zero to fleeting (and only partial) protection for SARS-CoV-2 reinfection in the literature, and there is historical prescedent for no protection from reinfection with another human coronavirus H229E which causes respiratory tract infections.
>in summary
you do not know what the fuck you are talking about

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>a president shouted it out or something

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>somehow getting that from my post

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>extrapolating that from my post

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no, someone fat fingered. you tink they'd lose $70 per share. fucking kek

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>hold until 2022
If you're going to shill me a 2 year hold you got to be more convincing then that

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check these digits out

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Wait so you really think that the number of bitcoin being sold every day by miners being cut in half won’t cause any form of price rise?
You think that the sudden decrease in bitcoin sold won’t make any impact on the price?

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