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pic related: from a thread I made yesterday

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Bitcoin is nowhere near the top you moron. Many normies bought the top at 19k last cycle, and sold low when it crashed. Those dipshits think btc is still a scam at these prices because they fucked up. Their sheep-like brains cannot register that it was their mistake for buying the top of a 20x yearly parabola, therefore "btc MUST be a scam"
>source: I know some of these people
What does this mean? btc is going to atleast 50k (possibly higher) before the normrods start thinking "hmmm, maybe I should get back into this after all". At which point we reach a new mania phase and dump on them. Its simply nature

do NOT listen to these street shitting niggers. they are either
a) unsure themselves and sitting with their dicks in their hands
b) unironically evil and trying to strip anons from their wealth

>originally saw an anon post this at 25k

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