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try 72k and i already own my own house with no mortgage thanks to antshares and xvg
you're just way out of your depth every time you try to argue with me - you always have been, since low iq bullshitters like you only really make an impact in places like the xrpaypig threads and twitter

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oh, and stay in your shitty threads when you make them, its sad how fast you abandon when people just post your own screencaps back at you

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ah yes, uncle oldschiff's multiple personality fud attempts
he's one of the most retarded namefags on this board, and that's saying something considering that the xrpaypig thread has a vast amount of them shilling xrp unironically

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>i-i'm shorting again guys
didn't you say that you were shorting at $13 or something a week ago
why are you so fucking dumb?
you keep using the same trip, fuck up and post bullish link crap under it before pretending it was "hacked," and then come back with the same name to make the same completely retarded posts that get completely btfo all the time

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god, this guy was right about so many things
it really was going to 0
literally nothing in crypto has gone to 4x since 2018

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