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Can you explain how The Graph will be forgotten? You do realize it's never going away right? It's cemented itself in the cryptosphere. Major defi projects already use The Graph, it's chain agnostic, layer 1 and 2 blockchains are begging to be integrated, more and more subgraphs deploy everyday, it's already growing at an insane pace. This is the reverse LINK. Unlike many tokens shilled here everyday, The Graph will actually survive a bear market just as LINK did because it is an essential utility token for all of web3. It has no competition. It has no cap to its growth. This will be one the biggest projects in all of crypto.

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The obvious answer is LINK and GRT.
No I won't explain.

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$3 EOW

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Cheers chap. Pick up an additional 200 myself.

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I traded 25 LINK for 1000 GRT
Never thought I’d see 4 digits with my lunch money

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You'll always be a GRT bro.

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A toast

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Bought another 500 at 2.25 today

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>Wait for it to correct
Anon, I...

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THIS FAGGOT ALREADY SOLD. everyone point and laugh at OP.

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Have 20k$ portfolio, how the fuck can I push it to 6 digits? Im not greedy, I’ll be happy with 200k. Should I just hodl or learn to trade? Give me some wisdom anons.

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Or is it past 2.00 now what the fuck is happening

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10k EOD

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Splendid price action today, say you agree not Joffrey?

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Yes ok sounds good

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fuck it im a four star general now. half of it is going to delegation the other half is going to providing liquidity. setting and forgetting this future bluechip.

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Any specific concern about what I have just said anon, or are you going to be condescending?

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Don't listen to the others, OP. Just accumulate GRT as much as you can ASAP because it won't stay in the $1 range any longer. Get a second job or cut any other unnecessary expenses OR do both at the same time. Invest all your money into your future. That's what I've been doing since December 2019 and now I'm holding 12k GRT. It's not a lot I know, but at least when we hit $10 I can live more comfortably and invest my profit in the other interesting projects. Rinse and repeat. Good luck. WAGMI.

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Seems to be the most polarizing token right now. So give it to me straight, is it a blue chipper or a true shitter?

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Based supportive anon. Good luck fren

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Indubitably my good man, is this about the long bull run on GRT? Quite exquisite , is it not?

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Did you buyed?

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