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Go to tradingview
Learn the most popular technical indicators on youtube/tradingview
Learn about proper risk management
Only invest stuff in coins that you believe in fundamentally, otherwise you may be tempted to sell at bad times, also people tend to do more thorough research on coins they actually care about.
Some coins you may want to research (these are all basically blue-chip at this point): BTC, ETH, LINK, ADA, BAT, UNI
My pro-tip: I feel like the smartest people rely more on charts than news events. News can be important, but I think news events come after proper chart analysis.
Pro-tip 2: find your style of investment/trading. Following someone else's strategy does not always work because you and them are at different places financially and have different views on risk-management. The millionaire/billionaire you watch on youtube may not mind losing 20% of their money because that's all extra to them. Meanwhile, losing 20% from your net worth may stop you from an important life-changing payment like for the car, house, child, etc...

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