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I will be wiped out and have to find a wagie job.. please just go up a little more PLEASE.

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its been a scary day bobros.

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/biz/ is making fun of us again..


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Please respond, is it a good price to buy at? What do you americans pay for silver?

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I need to buy 50k more spark when it drops to maximize my staking because I've greatly increased my XRP stack since the snapshot. It's over for me, bros. There's no way I'm gonna be able to afford that shit.

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I'm attached to my bags, especially my shittiest coins.

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>tfw only 30k stack.

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but i bought my stack at 0.049.

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I've been having a bad day, frens. I'm sick of being poor and stressed out all of the time. I'm sick of all the riddlers and larpfags constantly demoralizing us. I just want out of this rat race. I hope my 25k stack is enough to let me live in peace soon. I can't take much more of this.

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Nice. I'll probably wait for dip again, although Trading View is very bullish on GOEV It seems like this train has departed already.

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I bought 1000 AMC shares today on an impulse at the end of the day. Please anons tell me I'll be ok. I made 1200 euro today on small but profitable trades and all of this will be lost because I can't control myself. 7 hours of hard work and calculated decissions lost because I'm retard. I almost hit 25k euro today too.

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The number of schizos who get black pilled increases daily. Personally I'm so demoralized I don't even believe in a switch flip anymore.

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I guess answer is no, I'll keep looking then
> ngmi

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we can make it bro

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Frankfurt exchange is broken in Degiro. All those juicy green stocks are sailing away and I can only look

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I like Dr. Dre leave him alone

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I need xerpies to be worth $34 a piece to become a millionaire bros. it hurts.

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Only have 10k... It's over bros, I needed more time to accumulate.

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if i buy, will i drown in pussy?

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I have a a small stack but it's going to be worth lots some day.

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Garlic man save us we are at comfy condition ZERO I REPEAT COMFY LEVEL 0 WE HAVE NO COMFY RIGHT NOW

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The general shameless audacity of people these days would agree. A friend at work "friend" knows of my recent xrp gains and is already starting to aggressive with me. Like always making fun of me but not in the usual "fuck you way" this is like "fuck you".
I never want to see a normie ever again

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Guys post entry prices on LINK, QUANT and RSR pls.

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since the Share Price system is the same as HEX, you want to lock all your stakes in on day 1 when the SP is the lowest it will ever be. create a main ladder with stakes maturing every week, biweekly, monthly, whatever for the length of time you choose. that why you can take consistent profit and have your share rate locked in for the entirety of all those stakes. then make some additional longer/bigger stakes

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