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Just put your shit on binance if binance Mt'goxed all your shit coins in that fancy ledger would be worth nothing anyway dumb idiots.

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I need a step by step guide on how to get a gf and then a kiss and then sex.

Like a literal flowchart showing every step of the way.

How do you guys do it? It’s so hard to fathom. There’s just so many so many elements that are out of your control.

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That is why I laughed at him and told him smart anons would never do that. Anyone smart enough to realize what AVAX is, understand the whitepaper, and grasp this "clusterfuck" as model proof of immutable security in the face of cataclysmic overload, will always HODL AVAX.

I am just trying to help you. Listen to oldfags like me who made it not once, but twice by becoming veterans of 2016 and 2017-18. I entered crypto with 15,000 dollars. Now I have more than 2.4M. All due to ETH, LINK and now AVAX. AVAX is still in [email protected] 0.5 USD stage.

Even Coin Bureau declared a conservative EOY was 450 bucks. DYOR.

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turk here,
i only want 500k,
i am oaky with my own look pic related looks gay,
i dont want some brainwashed roastie
i already have good cs degree so i wont waste my life for medical degree even if its harvard
greencard is no no, usa full of niggers and other criminals shooting and retards, unless u live in expensive part where 500k is worthless. so it would be unlogical to live that shit hole.
ability to buy stuff from future ? really ? i dont give a shit about new tech or other time waster hit.

i would spent 500k as very very rich person in my poor country when you have that kind of money in turkey here is heaven, you could get most beautiful chicks whole your life while living insuper good villa without working.

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op if it is not bait thread don't listen to fags recommending you to change, it is big no no
if you change it means you act differently and money became big factor in relationship with your gf
so don't change, since she already fell for current you.

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I just downloaded Robinhood, have $100 and know absolutely nothing about stocks. Tell me what to invest in bros

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This is legitimately possibly the best opportunity in our lives.

Remember that chaos is a ladder.

How to capitalize on what's currently happening worldwide?

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Best wait to purchase crypto hidden from taxman?
I'm from EU.

Would Binance or Crypto ATM be better?

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How do I invest $20 into Vanguard monthly as a europoor so I don't get raped with fees since I am investing so little?

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>have sex
Can we seriously stop this? It's unfunny, not clever and just shows you are a retard.
I think it's not even the roasties posting this, it's just neets having fun ''''''trolling"""".
Let's just go back to "fuck you" instead of this shit.

Where did the phrase even come from? My money is on /pol/

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If I set my ceiling of make-it money to 500k, and cashout out of crypto once I reach that...

Is it financially sound decision to buy house for 50% of that and put the other half into real-estate/metals?

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Why did CSW decide to use the pseudonym 'Satoshi Nakamoto'?

Is he a weeb? Is he one of us?

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>cryptos go up down or up 0.5%
>20 new threads about it
>each thread gets 5 replies tops and dies to make room for the flood of the new threads about how cryptos have moved another 0.5%
this board is, without a question, the most retarded board on 4chanel. you're too stupid to figure out general threads so there's no cohesive discussion taking place and the board is an endless sea of emotional reaction threads that are completely meaningless after 5 minutess when the $5 price drop in eth or whatever turns out to be a total collapse of the price. on top of that, most everyone here is LARPing that they've lost all their money because they think it's funny. fuck this dumbass board

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What will be the new BS narrative once BCH surpasses BTC in daily tx's?

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Best place to buy Link for europeans now that binance is closed?

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Mine is:
>50% /biz/
>20% /fit/
>20% /sp/
>10% /pol/

Am I gonna make it?

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Fuck, I just want to learn PUA and be a degenerate that fucks higher quality girls than my current gf, impregnate all girls with bubble butts.
Why do I want that so much? why do I tell myself that I'll regret not enjoying life while I was still in my 20s?
please tell me it gets better, pls tell me those urges will stop.

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that comes later. -bogg

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stop jerking around -me

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How can a richfag in America go about setting up a harem? Surely if sand niggers can, we can.

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You're ruining your marriage over a few hundred dollars? Just love her extra hard for a little while while she runs out of things to upgrade a bit and she'll fall asleep right back into your arms where you'll realize you love her the most.

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>open whitepaper
>first thing I do is scroll down to the dev team to find Slavic names

What's the first thing you do when you read a whitepaper, /biz/?

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