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Why is this dumb shit making me laugh so much?

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I see that you use rh

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Just hold to fight the power anon

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LMAO I remember your post, my fucking sides are gone

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I bought 1009 shares of long view and now I'm up 8 dollars after hour trading. I made it

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>Imagine thinking there won't be any lockdowns and virus is over when the Fed thinks it will take until 2022 for everything to get back to normal

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This, lol. Imagine not being dark triad enough to realize that paying debt off later than earlier makes the most sense when the interests are minimal.

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Told you all. It's over.

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That pic kek

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My god /biz/ you should know /pol/ is always right, give it time I'll come back here again, and there will be nothing but pink wojack everywhere.

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>1000 newsletter receivers PER YEAR
This amounts to less than 85 newsletter subscribers a month.

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>It is a beautiful metaphor for my wife, who is an even rarer and luckier find.
She must be the mythical VIDT "whale" we've heard about.

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>Lol no. I am buying more every month.
It's funny when someone gets proven wrong and instead of admitting they might have been incorrect they quadruple-down to avoid having to face the fact that they made a bad decision.

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>See you at 5 cents.
t. me two months ago

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>Acronis notary only available if you bought their backup service which you can run per-machine basis.
That is what costs $99 a year, yes. It's called Acronis Cloud Service (formerly known Acronis Backup). Acronis Notary is a feature inside ACS/True Image. You only need one computer doing validations, not every single workstation. With V-ID you would appoint one person at your company to be a validator, who V-ID would do KYC on, and would be responsible for submitting the files that need to be validated. Therefore, it is the same exact thing as having one computer running True Image (which also has Notary) or having a Cloud service subscription running on a server. Employees would send the files to their server, then the server would periodically submit the hashes to Acronis to validate the files on the blockchain.

>Idk if they have API service too
"Acronis Notary API enables tight integration with any application, with the ability to tie the service’s backend into a user interface."
The fact that you have no clue if Acronis has API services, considering it's directly displayed right on their page, means you have no idea what you are talking about. Including when talking about "simulating the V-ID application flow". Willfully ignorant of the competition because that way you can feel better about your investment, rejecting reality.

>You noticed there're various extra steps to simulate file validations. V-ID made it simpler.
How the fuck did V-ID make it simpler? And even if they did (spoiler: they didn't) is it worth paying $1.65 per file validation for the "simplicity"? Acronis charges $0 per file.

>Random customer review quotes
Post screenshot or link so everyone can see how desperate this argument is.

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Someone fucked up hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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