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What is this psyop?

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>you should max out your 401k contribution

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no but his mom definitely arranged a couple phone calls with the DNC and he promised to donate money if they don't shut him down for all the blatant fraud

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you didn't disprove him you dumb nigger. you're looking at data from an america that doesn't exist anymore (demographically). a black swan event can and will change anything

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why line go down

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Will a company can get a backend team to handle the intricacies of deploying a node, or just get an accountant and an IT guy to use naas.link to deploy a pre-built node with human readable inputs and outputs for a fee to LPL holders? Will you guys learn the intricacies of running a node or just wind up using naas.link or some knock-off some day and still pay us LPL holders or someone else a fee?

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>EVERYONE IS BEARISH SO AM I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>It's just that your coin dumped and people are laughing at you.

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Where is the best place to trade options in the UK?

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yep, 60k never been done before. I bet you peaked in gradeschool. a bunch of dumb fucks are in this thread get the mother fucking zykolon b.

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>buy wolfy
>wolfy is legit and not a curryindiacoin
Not buying your bags faggot

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>Hurrrrr durrrr drrrrr
Does not realize half his trash portfolio is coins that requires the ETH network to run

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x y and z are so far back in the
alphabet and look like cool futuristic letters this project is the future

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Why do numbers go up and why do numbers go down? Why don't they lines just gradually go up/sideways/down? Why do people sell/buy against eachother? Why do mountains and valleys happen?

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Lmao look it's a mad faggot who probably got rub pulled from fuckin McDonald's coin or something and is mad Litecoin is doing great.
>Pic related it's (((you)))

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Fucking kek
I was taking the piss I didn't think that brainlets like you actually existed
How did you get you empty skull to do that?

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>somebody who learns to cut pieces of meat in specific ways should earn $750,000 per year

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Yeah, scamming isn't evil

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