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>grt will only be huge because of web3.0
>the internet and things like google, facebook, amazon etc only became huge via widespread casual normalfag appeal, back in the 90s/2000s it was just barely crawling out of nerd's basements into the real world
>right now the closest web3.0/defi have to normalfag appeal is "sign up on a exchange, pay them with real money, buy funny internet money"
guys what the fuck is gonna have to happen?
what incentive will developers have to make a "decentralised facebook"? what incentive will users have to join "facebook but not facebook"? and to learn how to not be a retard with your funny internet money waller and not be hacked by the infamous 4chan and lose all your funny internet money?
i dont mind getting some nice gains from the multiplying of delegation plus grt going up in value over time, but i dont want to wait like two/three decades for it to truly moon, and i dont see how it could possibly go any faster

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