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I'm into:

Sora (XOR) - to me it's a no brainer, Polkadot is 6th place in coingecko and its uniswap equivalent is Sora which is only 200 mil cap. While uniswap is 6 mil and pancakeswap for BSC is 1.5 billion, plus these will be much higher as the bull carries on. So I expect at least a 10x from here for XOR. Some fools will sell after the airdrop, I wont.

Offshift (XFT) - Privacy tokens on Ethereum and Polkadot. Only 15mil cap. Considering the last run privacy coins had a crazy pump (VERGE was over 1 nil at some point) and the DEFI is the new Hype, I'm assuming maching DEFI and Privacy will be a BIG winner this run.
DFOHub/ARTE/UNIFI - These fags are pissing me off, but their tech is top notch.

Indexed (NDX) - this and just about any index token will be front page of cms and coingecko. Indexes for crypto will be big.

Other stuff I own: Some JRT, XIO, FLASH

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How to actually make money with NFTs?

I feel like missing the next moon mission but seriously I don’t even know what these little pictures make since I easily can just right click and save them.

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It's only up from here bobo

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Was that it bobo?

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