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>>The token was only created to get funds in the ICO and could easily be replaced by a stablecoin
The token is used by integrators to pay for transactions.
>>Their only real partner is the government of Afghanistan, which has the 7th lowest GDP per capita of the entire world in 2020 according to the IMF
And NEN, and the dutch waste ministry, and the ministry of justice, and Diamond Centre Wales, with other partners on the way. These are partners actually using the network for real-life use cases.
>>Most if not all of their marketing budget goes into paying pajeets to shill their scam on /biz/ and Telegram
smells like curry in here
>>There's no proof that all 60 clients LTO has are paying customers and the team didn't offer a free or discounted trial run to boost their numbers to make LTO more appealing to investors.
This is not negative even if it is true; it reduces available supply and encourages future adoption by demonstrating working systems to other companies
>>In fact the CEO explained several times that they are giving free tokens to companies to try out their system, and you wouldn't know if these companies stopped using LTO and their transactions were replaced by fake ones.
Read the white paper; fake or spam transactions are net-negative in a LPoI scheme.
>>IOTA will be able to perform LTO's entire usecase for free. LTO is a fork of waves which offers no real innovation and will be replaced by IOTA
[citation needed]
>>CEO is a long time friend of Jed McCaleb and Mark Karpel├Ęs, he was the mastermind behind the rise and fall of Mt. Gox
[citation needed]
>>Most members in the team are trainees with no experience, only the Lead Architect is talented but he was diagnosed with prostate cancer last month
[citation needed]
>>The parent company of LTO, Firm24 has lost customers and is close to bankruptcy after a scandal involving 2 employees who participated in child trafficking
[citation needed]

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