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just 5 more dollars and I break even on soxl

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What aggressive growth etfs are you holding, smg?

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I know if I were to get rich I'd still be the same socially stunted mental midget that I am now. But hey atleast I won't have to wageslave anymore.

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I haven't sold yet. I guess more accurately I'm 'down' $300 but there's no way AMC is going back up above $17, probably ever.

My perfect all-green portfolio is now permanently stained with red.

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Ok, that picture actually made me laugh.

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I predict BlackBerry will hit at least 20 by the end of February. Secretly, I really hope those $40c for 2/26 are right, and we skyrocket on some huge EV news for BB.

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BB has enormous potential, and now it's being discredited by people cause it got caught in a war on Reddit. I've been telling people it's the only stock that wasn't a meme at first, and has true potential in EV's and cybersecurity.

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Just bought a shit ton of penny stocks, what are the chances they'll moon

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Vanguard or schwab?

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Spouting retarded memes like that? Yeah, probably fitting for you to buy GME. I don't need retards buying my BlackBerry.

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it's over huh

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And you're a retard. What's your point?

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I have money set aside to buy at despair whenever that rolls around, maybe even return to the mean if I miss the despair part. If I am patient and play this well I'll probably have made it by the end of the decade at least unless the entire world erupts into the bloodiest world war ever and we're cast back into the second dark ages.

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>just FOMO'd into Tesla at $846
You're safe mate. This stock is going to the next psychological level, which would be $1000. At that point, there will either be a lot of resistance, or they will shoot past well into the $1100's by a week or so (especially on the news of a cheaper Tesla Y).
Honestly, it's making me consider selling some of my PLTR for some TSLA. Those are pretty much the only two companies I can comfortably afford to dump my life savings into.

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not saying the election was rigged, and I don't like trump, but abstente ballets are kind of sketchy.

also its really stupid because its skews the election when anybody can just fill out paper and don't have to put any effort into going to vote.

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Whatcha hodling, /smg/?

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When will BTC dump bros

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when's the next fucking dump

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how to into budgeting?

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don't care what I get, I'm gonna make it anyway

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I had like 110 ETH but i lost 30 ETHs buying shitcoins biz shilled me. i pray to god DMG will go back up, but from now on I'm only buying ETH. i've learned my lesson.

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Anal is gross, your coom brain is making you think putting you dick in the poop hole is a good idea...it’s not

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Bros I want to register my ledger but I’m worried and I don’t know why. I like free money but I don’t want to get compromised

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