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1300 Algolet reporting in. Plz no bully.

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bros why is algo so comfy
is it the hold and grow of how it works
is it the 7% (good guy number) that they specifically set the gain to (very high, super high, almost as a signal to all good souls to get in)

is it the professional yet relaxed american style of the company that gives off good vibes that does it
is it because it simply can't go down that everyone feels so good having it?

algo is the comfiest hold in all of crypto what exactly does it?

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>being black
anyway ...
hold fast money cat!

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is this right?

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That image is pure normie cope.

They will never have the attention span you have.
They will never have productive and constructive hobbies like you have.
They will never have intense interests in anything other than satisfying their own gut like you have.

So they cope with
>muh sex
>muh socializing
And that's literally it lmfao.

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A thread full of stinkie linkies shitting their pants in fear. Kino. Of course this is nothing compared to what is coming 2021.

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I have 1 million PNK

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Top 100 holder here

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They think they're so much more clever than everyone else, so it infuriates them that they make less than the S&P500 every year

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Bought a small notebook for 70cents that I'm going to carry around holding all of my notes for my budget to do list and notes I read from financial books :3

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whats the process step by step? I wanna make a shop that sells survival/off the grid shit and take monero

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They keep bleeding.

Why aren't traditional stores of value mooning as the stock market declines?
Why won't property prices drop as people renege on mortgages and rent?
What in the fuck is happening.

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I was down 27% by Wednesday but after a couple days of day trading GME I'm only down 16%. For the week anyway. I've been getting bogged all month but between GME and my free UNI tendies I might actually be saved.

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read the sign fren

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ALGO is my most comfy hold by far. It's hugely undervalued at this point.

Thanks to whoever this anon was calling the bottom earlier. I ended up doubling down because of your post

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so i add token. then put in pool of token i want to?
what happens next?

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I like that I can go to sleep peacefully because it cant dump or rug like any other shitcoin out there

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What is the simplest way to invest in commodities for your average Joe?

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This anon gets it. I'm making $13 dollars per day in uniswap fees alone (uniswap fees also compound my AMPL), plus compounding geyser rewards. Impermanent loss will be mostly eliminated when the price goes back to $1 and I'll have gained both the fees and the free ampies. I have about half in the geyser and half out. If whales have pumped so much into the geyser, they obviously think it's more profitable than hodling in the long run.

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Do I lose anything by emailing the investor relations of a company I'm interested in and asking stupid questions?

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that sentence broke my mind ffs anon


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this pretty much, easiest way

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