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No you didn't pajeet

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Craig is the most obvious fraud in crypto. Carlos Matos 2.0

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>What did Ryan say?
>What has Gavin said?
>What did Cal say?

People get fooled by sociopaths. Especially autistic programmers.

Sometimes people have nefarious interests. For example getting others to believe CSW is Satoshi and spreading the rumor he's going to get a shitload of money in 2020, is going to make it more likely to talk gullible people into lending him money with "Satoshis stash of BTC" as collateral. If you're getting a cut of that and you can always say "I was also fooled!" has zero risk and a possible big reward.

If CSW is Satoshi, why does he have to constantly forge "evidence"?

His first evidence, the signature that fooled Gavin was forged:


He forged blog-entries to suggest he was working on triple entry book keeping (aka blockchain secured by PoW):


He doesn't know how the Bitcoin address format works. (see pic).

If this isn't enough to discredit him, then you're either complicit in his scheme or so far gone that nobody can save you from yourself.

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He doesn't even know, how the Bitcoin address format works.

So is he Satoshi, or part of Satoshi? You decide.

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> really nice to get this proof over witch that bitcoin cash works

This is not proof that BCH works. Like I wrote before, keep it up. You've got to have full blocks for years and still have a workable blockchain. Then you can claim that you proved it works. This takes a lot of time.

> would you mind taking the cock out of your mouth before speaking at least? you're being extremely rude man.

Being real can be rude. But wouldn't you rather an expert tells you the truth? Again, think about the medical analogy. Would you let someone who's an expert in medicine like Ver or CSW are experts in CS diagnose you, if you're ill?

I like Ver. Politically were COMPLETELY on the same page. But technologically and economically, he can't tell the difference between his asshole and hole in the ground.

I can't say anything nice about CSW. He's simply a fraud who doesn't even know how the Bitcoin address format forks. Pic related.

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