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>Work with black people
>Always slack off
>Have to do their job for them
>Their hours get cut
>Threaten you to slow down so they can get more hours
>Jewish boss says he can't do nothing because they're hired from programs

Many such cases

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>Drive away businesses and factories in rural areas where housing is cheaper and more plentiful
>Monopolize housing in major cities
>Turn America into a service corporate monopoly where jobs and corporations are placed in only a few major cities

>"Don't like it don't buy it ;)"

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I mean if you actually work in tech you would know this shit has been regressing for nearly a decade

It's all built on string and cum loosely tying it together, If anyone actually implemented any use case of bitcoin or smart contracts or whatever other retarded shit some 20 year old came up with in his notebook it would be used for maybe 6 months, sold off to some dipshit ceo and than discarded in the wastebin for the new hot thing.

Tech is reliant on people who know how to do things.
Not many people know how to do things. Especially not the pajeets that now make up over half of the workforce that pushes tech in """America"""

I'll start to believe in the tech when I don't see a single tranny at Amazon HQ

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I don't understand how there isn't a crash yet, like I unironically don't understand the value of the dollar.

Before I thought it was based on the military but now that the military is incompetent in almost every aspect the dollar should have crashed. But it didn't. So than I had to think about it being based on land value in America, but than Chink flu happened and it still didn't crash.

My only guess left is that because MasterCard controls about 90% of transactions in the world and still has to USD it's basically the only thing holding the American economy together.

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I bought because it was 1 sat but I still think it's a scam and these threads are obviously shills.

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Unless I'm getting a minimum of 25,000 for my one share, I'm not fucking selling.

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Hi. I'm Kenneth Griffin. Ceo of Citadel Hedge Fund.

Here are some words you can use to describe me.

Bullet proof
Iron Clad

Together with my friends Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt we're doing some fucked up shit to some people.

And you can't do a thing about it~

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