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It has been up until now a 'promising project'.

However this failure to achieve the trademark is a red flag for me. They seemed to have gone with decent lawyers who obviously didn't convince Sergey otherwise against this waste of resources and money (or maybe he just didn't listen!)

Did they SERIOUSLY expect to trademark the term 'SmartContract' ? A term that any crypto puddlebrain knows Nick Szabo coined over 20 years ago. Did Mark Oblad, the legal mastermind of smart contracts decide not to scratch his Dr Evil fucking head and halt Sergey from making this terrible move.

Also did you see the state of the fucking attachments in the application? Minimal fucking effort..... It was just screenshots of Crypto Geek.com and the SC.com website with a few duplications. The lack of effort is unbelievable for a project who prides itself on being for a 'corporate' audience. Another red flag. Of course the judge denied it.

Watch how embarrassing this episode will become as the wider Ethereum and crypto communities find out about it. As if the token wasn't a laughing stock already, every other crypto will be mispelling Smart Contract as smartcontract just to rub it in the faces of Link bag holders.

I mean is he going to try and trademark 'cryptocurrencies' next?! or what about fucking 'cheeseburgers'?! At his best he is hopeful at his least he is naive and distracted as a leader.

We have visibility from github that Steve and Dimitri are working there butts off (Until the past few days). Put them in charge! It might give the project a better chance, they at least have some apparent useful skills, and the linkpool.io guys said on reddit that theyare very impressed with how Steve operates. (Didn't mention Serge)

I am a Link bag holder btw but I'm getting out at the next pump, this was one naive business decision at the end of a long list since Sergey decided to run his own businesses.

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