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Legend has it that even Keyser Soze is scared to death of Sandro Salsano.

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calm down desu

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Not worth it, fren. We all have barely scratched the surface of what we're capable of. You're gonna make it with us. Sucks i know, but the world can eat a dick. Its happening.

Hang the fuck in there senpai

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anon, honestly and unironically, the only problem you have is that thing that stares back at you in the mirror.

Fix it and you may actually enjoy making it.

Cuz right now you sound like a bitch.

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Trust is more valuable than money.

People pay shit tons pf money only to prevent counter party fraud, only to have to deal with costly post-settlement reconciliation.

Anything that can reduce the cost if Trust, therefore is many magnitudes better than currency.

If only there was some kind of middleware technology that could do just that.

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Age: 13billion years
Net worth: Infinite

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The ratios by which price action is distributed from and into consolidation, are fractal....in all timeframes.

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>can’t reconcile the fact that banks don’t need to use XRP in order to benefit from the Xrapid ledger MESSAGING system
wew....those heavy bags are hampering your judgment

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So you decided to hold rather than leave a trade scathed only by a few bruises. It’s a mistake we all make to one or another degree with volitile assets.

I do agree, though; if your strategy to lose money was to hold, then don’t sell that shit now. Because holding to this level only to liquidate now, will make you feel even worse in the event ETH ever reaches your buying price.

Good luck to you, fren.

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I think we’re tied. Just made rank last week. I didn’t know a promotion this big would make my asshole hurt so much.

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we’re all gonna make it brahs

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