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Great show, as always. Thanks anon. Just one question, will you consider having Nico on the show one of these days?

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Shit, it all makes sense now

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MY body is gving up on me

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How the fuck is a 18 year old supposed to make money. The job climate is shit and shitskins work for nothing. The economy is fried and if you do get a job its "casual" meaning you could work 1 shift a week or nothing

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I'm willing to bet 50% of my LINK stack that he's going to say the exact same shit aka nothingburger. There will not be some announcement or anything. It's going to be
>hey hi so hello um I'm Sirgay nazarov
>so uh today blockchains can do tokens
>I love tokens they are really exciting
>But thats like 20% of the usecase
>decentralised oracles
>inputs outputs
>halo 5
>o-oh s-sorry it looks like my time is up
>*dumps 700k*

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Went to uni for the first time today as well. 1 hour and 30min lectures are too fucking long, but thankfully I only got like 2 lectures a day max. Sitting for so long is just fucking dreadful. After lectures some of us met up and introduced ourselves. Idk seemed like normal people to me except for one who looked like a starterpack feminist lmao, but I'm not there for politics so I dont give a shit. The 2 proffessors seemed quite cool as well. Still waiting for LINK to hit $20 so I can make it and drop out lol.

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Fuck this gay ass shitty fucking token fucking sergey with his 700k transfers jesus fuck stop it u fat piece of shit

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If tomorrow the price will not pump, I will go out and run until I pass out.

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I'm here in Berlin. I guess it'll be useful to give everybody a report in terms of the sentiment here in the field. When Sergey was spotted, quite a number of developers at least 15 or 20 surrounded him. And that was outside the venue. Quite a number of folks try to Virtue signal their intelligence but it was clear that he was slightly bored with them and they eventually excused themselves. Really seems like this project is gaining a lot of traction, I've overheard at least four conversations where link was mentioned. The level of confidence should not be underestimated, we are on our way. Super excited to be here. I'll share more details in the coming days of the event. Bump if you have questions.

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